The Top 4 Best Suburbs to Invest in Brisbane for a Home in 2022

Many have seen that 2022 is the year when a substantial number of innovative environmental developments will take place. Because of this, the New Year is seen to usher in opportunities to invest in Brisbane for homes for local Australians and ex-pats alike. The easy access to commercial and business sites that Brisbane offers is something many people desire. The best suburbs to invest in Brisbane for new homes in 2022 are the following: 

  • Annerley 

If you’re a practicing doctor or an aspiring college student, you may want to consider living in Annerley. Annerley is close to Princess Alexandria Hospital and the University of Queensland and the Pacific. The best suburbs to invest in Brisbane for new homes are located near the places where people frequently go to for work, school, or pleasure. 

There are many homes available for investment in Annerley. Sales are increasing as time progresses. So, you may want to make one of the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane your new hometown soon before available homes run out. 

  • Paddington 

Paddington is well-known for having character homes and a high-class lifestyle. Character homes are referred to houses constructed prior to 1940. You’ll never find any one-character homes as an investment property in Brisbane in any other suburbs of the city. Expats who seek to continue living their upper-class ways of life in Australia are the ideal new residents of Paddington. Local wealthy Australians who wish to have a change of living environment are potential residents of this Brisbane suburb, too. 

  • Mitchelton 

Mitchelton is a Brisbane suburb that has a handful of urban facilities and establishments. You’re an ideal resident of this suburb if you’re a busy professional or a parent. You’ll find it satisfying to live in a home for Brisbane to invest close to a number of organizations from various industries and schools in Mitchelton. You’ll have many choices of businesses to choose to apply to for jobs and work at in this neighborhood. Likewise, as a parent, you have many choices to select from when it comes to choosing a school for your child to attend. 

  • Sandgate 

Sandgate is close to a bay. Living near a body of water is serene and calming. You can spend hours on end every day meditating while staring out at a body of water by living in this Brisbane suburb. What’s more, the sky is the limit when it comes to taking a walk along the bay when you move to Sandgate. 

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