Take a Sydney Road Trip with Car Rental in Australia

If you’re traveling to Sydney, why not drive a car and enjoy an exciting Sydney road trip? With a car rental in Sydney, there’s more fun and highlights while enjoying the wind, the sun and Sydney roads.

Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive


Drive the coastal roads that connect Sydney and Melbourne, and explore the scenic South Coast. Driving allows you to pass seaside towns and awesome villages while getting overwhelmed by the ever changing landscapes. From the pristine and sandy beaches, you’ll get to enjoy views of the lush forest of the National Park. Stopping over will get you to take lunch inside drive-through or by-the-road restaurants and savor great flavors of local cuisine using local produce and fresh catch of the day. You can enjoy the road trip on a whole day or half day trip with a car from a local car rental Sydney that offers great rates. Besides affordable rates, you can choose the model of your car to suit your driving style.

The great Blue mountain drive

If your Sydney travel list is to enjoy natural attractions, you can fulfill your wish list by driving the greater Blue Mountain Drive. With a car rental Sydney, you’ll enjoy 18 different discovery trails and witness the beauty of Blue Mountains region, its heritage-listed sceneries including Mount Tomah Botanic Garden. Taking off from driving, you can walk the walking track of the Grose Valley and enjoy the benefits of inhaling fresh mountain air.

Pacific Coast

You won’t miss Port Stephens, Coffs harbour and Byron bays by taking the road trip to Pacific Coast. Heading to the north, your car rental in Brisbane will take you to pass the amazing coastal scenery, the beaches, and awesome villages. You’ll never run out of picturesque spots as you drive the legendary Pacific Drive Coast.

The Long Paddock

The road trip leads to experiencing the wide open space and the famous Aussie’s Outback. Starting your trip from Echuca, Moama, you’ll discover the iconic rural Bourke and driving a stoke route, it will take you following rows of farmlands and discovering how rural life in Australia. With a sturdy car from a local car rental, you can continue enjoying the trip driving through Broken Hill and White Cliffs.

Taking a Sydney road trip is no doubt an awesome Sydney experience but before doing it, make sure you are equipped with information on  current road conditions and of course a sturdy and reliable car hire.

Nothing beats exploring Sydney or other parts of Australia with a car hire. Convenience it is to maximize your itinerary is at most. So, book with http://carhirenation.com.au/.

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