Four Site Inspection Tips Before Signing the Contract Sale

You’re buying a property with the money you’ve worked hard for so many years and it’s just proper to be careful in every step you make before signing the sale contract.  Even if the seller has beforehand presented various documents from building certifiers Sydney affirming the property has been completely certified, a site inspection determines if the property meets your expectations. In addition, here are things that you need to do when doing site inspections.

Take time to sit down with the seller before the walk

investmentBefore taking the walk, it’s best to sit down with the seller for a few minutes and take the chance to see the vicinity map or floor plan to understand the overall layout of the property. It’s the best time to ask questions like details on certifications from building certifiers Sydney and get to know the people whom you need to contact in the future for further certifications in case you’ll be doing some renovations.

List down your priorities

Before the walk, ,make sure you have listed ahead of time your priorities or the places you want to see first and places you might want to see if there’s extra time. Make sure you’re comfortable with the allotted time and with a list of your priorities, you’ll be able to view the property thoroughly and in addition, you’ll have full concentration on the details like certifications and the private certifiers that had the property inspected and certified.

Have a building certifier during the walk

If you’re buying your first house, you might get overwhelmed with finding your dream house and this may lead to overlooking details like stains or corrosion on the walls, simple structural defects that might cause you some nightmares in the future and other maintenance items for repairs . It’s best to hire a building certifier from any building certifiers Sydney to do the tasks of inspecting the property on professional level and have the peace of mind you’ll not be doing costly repairs later.

Ask for  a written report from a building certifier

Don’t sign the contract of sale unless you’ve read a written report from any private certifiers Sydney you or the seller hired for property inspection. The written report usually listed any faults in the property and if whether they can be repaired as well as the cost. The written report also highlights any unauthorized  or unsafe renovations or extensions. With the written report on hand, you can negotiate for the price and also gives insights on maintenance plan to undertake if you decide to buy the property.

Remember, site inspection gives you the opportunity to make an edge over the negotiating table so grab the opportunity wisely.

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