3 Reasons Why Corporate Videos Fail

Marketing and promotion activities, especially digital videos, are essential in growing any business. This translates to ad spending and hiring professionals who can do social media and corporate video production in Australia. In fact, Adnews reports that “Australian brands spent over AUD 9 billion on digital ads in 2019.” However, the high expenditures did not necessarily translate to better results as only “26% of internet users in Australia discovered a brand on social media.” So where did things go wrong?

Entering the virtual space can be quite challenging. It’s a free-for-all world where everyone and everything competes for attention. And because the competition is so tough, companies tend to jack up their spending on corporate videos hoping to outdo rival brands. But investing more money does not promise better results. And here are 3 reasons why your corporate videos may fail.

You’re selling a product not a story

Many companies overlook the importance of telling a story. They hire a corporate video production house, pay them a hefty amount, and put out a video that does not connect at all to the intended audience. Digital marketing experts will tell you that it’s not about your company anymore or the product you sell. It’s how your company makes people feel and experience what you offer. Get a production house that can help you tell a story because it is the story that will connect you to your audience.

Your format is not for digital consumption

Over the years, corporate video production in Australia has evolved with technology. Television used to be the main platform for visual communication until the arrival of the internet. In this day and age, most Australians are consuming videos online, especially on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. But many companies fail to recognize this shift and adapt to the new digital video format. Compared to analog content, digital video content is shorter, more concise, and visually compelling. Think of your corporate video as an elevator pitch. In less than 5 minutes, you should be able to tell what your company or product is all about before your audience leaves.

Your content is not integrated

Production companies in Melbourne know this, the more integrated your content is, the better it will perform in the digital space. Corporate videos tend to fail if it is the only content available to the audience. The wonders of the internet allow you not only to present videos, but also to create games, take polls, build websites, post images, write blogs, start hashtag movements, and so on. The possibilities are endless. Videos are just one part of the equation. Corporate video production in Australia today also means combining different forms of content to build awareness of your brand or product.

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